1. What is E-Commerce?

E-commerce (Electronic commerce - e-commerce) is a form of commercial activities by electronic methods; is the exchange of trade information through electronic technology media that, generally printout is not required in any stage of transaction process. (It is also called "paperless commerce")

2. Benefits of electronic commerce (EC)?

EC helps enterprises mastering abundant information on markets and partners,

EC helps reducing production costs, and EC helps reducing cost of sales and marketing.

E-commerce via Internet helps consumers and businesses reducing significantly the time and transaction costs.

EC facilitates the establishment and strengthening the relationship between parties involved in the trade, facilitates early access to the digitized economy.

3. The stages of a transaction on the network?

Includes following six stages:

- Customer from a computer somewhere, complete the billing information and contact address in the order (Order Form) of sale Website (also known as e-commerce website). Enterprise receives the request for buying goods or services and feedbacks confirming the summary of essential information such as selected items, delivery and reception address and order number ...

- Customer checks again the information and clicks the button "order" from the keyboard or mouse of the computer, to return information to the enterprise.

- Enterprise receives and stores order information while forwarding your payment information (credit card number, due date, card holder ...) encrypted to the server (server, data processing equipment) of card processing service providing center on the Internet. With the encryption, customer’s payment information will be secure against fraud in transactions (such as the enterprise will not know about information on customer’s credit card).

- As the Center for credit card processing receives payment information, will decode information and process transaction behind firewall and get off the Internet, in purpose to provide strict security to business transactions, reformat the transaction and forward billing information to the bank of enterprise (Acquirer) by a separate leased line (a separate data transmission line).

- The business’ bank sends electronic message requesting for payment (authorization request) to customer’s bank or company providing credit card (issuer). And this financial institution’s feedback will be refusal or consent of payment to the credit card processing center on the Internet.

- Internet credit card processing center forwards above said feedback information to the business, and depending on which the business will notify consumer whether the order will be implemented. Full time to make a transaction over the network from step 1 -> step 6 will be about 15-20 seconds.

4. What is authorization number?

This is a confirmation code. After checking whether the credit card is valid, the buyer’s bank will send a code to confirm the payment to the enterprise together with parameters of the order.

5. What is PSP?

PSP is the abbreviation for Processing Service Provider, i.e. the provider of online payment processing service.

6. What is a Merchant Account?

Merchant Account is the payment account of enterprise as participating into e-commerce that allows transfer of money made to the business ‘s account or refund of the amount received to customer if the transaction is canceled because some requirements between seller and buyer are not met (such as product quality) through the sale of goods or services on the Internet.
Merchant Account must be registered at the banks / credit institutions to allow business to receive payments by credit card.

7. What is monthly fee?

This is the fee that company pays service related fees such as list (note of debit and credit amounts from and to the business account for a specific period: monthly, weekly. ..), network access fee, fee for maintenance of online payment service, ...

8. What is transaction fee?

This is a fee that business pays for credit card processing center via the Internet. It usually costs 30-50 cents per transaction.

9. What is discount rate?

This is fee of discount of value that the business pays the payment bank (Acquirer). This fee usually is 2.5% to 5% of the total value of payment through credit card. Discount fee calculated is based on the business’s type of goods and services business on the network and other factors (quality of goods, services, type of credit card ...)

10. What is Search Engine?

It will be very difficult for users to access the Internet to find a website with the theme in service of user’s objective as every day there are more than 100,000 new website put online. Present number of Website on the Internet has reached more than 5 billion Web sites. So, in service of the internet user’s quick finding Website, Search Engine was born.

Search Engine is a huge library of information on Websites, which allows users can search for websites interested upon some topic based on keywords that person requires Search Engine to search. Some powerful search tools in the today world are: Google.com, Yahoo.com, Altavista.com, ...

11. What is News Letter?

News Letter is a free service of any website, this service will send users the latest issues related to the operation of Website or issues, latest news in the field that Website participates in. You only need to register your e-mail at the News Letter of the Website you wish to receive information, it is also a form of Mailing List, but you can not send mail to all members in the list but only Website administrator has the right to send e-mail to all people involved.

12. What business is online business?

Online business is the business model over the network. All transactions are conducted directly on the network for example from inquiring to placing order and payment.

13. When did E-commerce appears in Vietnam?

Vietnam integrates the Internet in late 1997, some time later, electronic commerce term started to appear but it does not grow.

14. When applying E-commerce, what business strategy is soundest for a trading company?

No plan is fully sound for all trading firms. But basic steps are identical.

15. Is model of e-commerce easy to apply for trading firms?

Depending on the business field that can apply e-Commerce, generally, e-Commerce is very suitable for intelligence sector, in particular products or services that can be digitized or displayed in digital. E-commerce generally is applicable to most of trading firms but depending on goods under trade to apply in appropriate stage.

16. What is the biggest obstacle to a trading firm in applying e-commerce?

The largest obstacle is the hesitation. No determination leads never to success.

17. Is the investment in e-commerce expensive?

Of course, any investment is not expensive. But eCommerce brings greater efficiency than expenses if you know investing properly. See details at http://vnnetsoft.com/faq_website.php # 9

18. Is using E-commerce the optimal solution for competition of sale?

So far, the application of E-commerce is the best solution in competition of sales. You do not need much time for introducing products and services to your customers because your customers can find out on your website.

You will not need taking time, costs for transportation and persuading customers. Website will help you automatically having a policy of thoughtful customer care, this is one of important factors in keeping customers long term. The only work you have to do is building a website of high automation. A enough strong and effective website will help you overtaking all competitors, if you are in doubt, confused, do not know how to build your website, please contact us immediately as it’s not late.

19. When trading firms applying e-commerce, if there are competition, how does that competition will take place?

Once your business applies eCommerce, competitor businesses can also apply eCommerce. Competition is inevitable in business, regardless of location, time and status of object. But if you apply effectively it is sure you will overcome your competitors. We will help you get the most optimal skills and solutions.

20. Using e-commerce business, is the security guaranteed?

There are many different security levels, high or low depending on the cost that you accept. If your business is seriously involved in electronic commerce you should adopt best security mode.

21. What are classified Ads?

Classified ads, a method for advertising in the type classified pages, allows people to buy and sell ads in available classified business types.

22. What is the difference between marketing with newsletter and group of newsletters?

Newsletter marketing is a form of marketing sending newsletters to customers, meanwhile marketing with group of newsletter is to organize groups of people interested in the issue and they send information to each other.

23. How to deploy agents on the internet?

Implementing agency on internet is using software that allows you to open agent on the network and track down customer orders is originate from what agent.

You can request assistance from us through contacting us.


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